CARS 101

For most people a car is one of the biggest expenses in their lives. So we focus on all the expenses pertaining to your vehicle to see where you can get the best value and cover for your precious ride.


Petrol prices have increased drastically therefore.........

Car VS Ride-Service

Ever wondered if it's cheaper.........

Tips & Tricks

Details to keep in mind because.........

Cover for your car

We look at the different types.........

History of Cars

How did cars come about and progress over time

Car Facts

Read some facts about cars all around the world

1 Billion Cars

There are over 1 billion cars in use in the world.

30 000 Parts

The average car has 30 000 parts that put it together.

431 KM Per Hour

The fastest street car, Bugatti Veyron, reaches 431 km per hour.

95% Parked

95% of a car's lifetime is spent parked.