HOME 101

Through our financial journey, arguably the biggest expense or decision is to buy a home. We explore some aspects to consider and map out all things home.

Rent Affordability

How much rent.........

Home Loan

Ever wondered if it's cheaper.........

Tips & Tricks

Looking for money-saving home hacks.........

Home Insurance

Different types of cover ........

The Average Rental price in different provinces

2018 Figures According to PayProp

Household Facts

Read some facts about homes around the world..

Crowded Places

Hong Kong is a very crowded city where many people live on small boats.

Luxury Cave Living

Far from the primitive way of cave living, some people have designed luxury living spaces.

Brass Doorknobs

Brass door knobs disinfect themselves therefore transferring less germs to your hands.

Household Size

The average household size in 2018 was 3.3 people per home in South Africa.