Ways To Renew Your Car License in South Africa

It’s that time again. Time to renew your car licence. We have all experienced the
frustrations and complications that come with renewing your car licence. Taking a day off
from work, waiting in the long lines just to eventually discover that your documentation is
incomplete. We have all been there. Now you can choose to either renew your license and
pay in person or simply choose one of the online methods to renew your license.

OPTION 1 – Renew & Pay in Person

Visit one of the licensing offices or traffic departments to renew your vehicle license and pay
in person. Find out more about the documentation needed to renew your Vehicle
License –  https://www.gov.za/services/register-motor-vehicle/renew-motor-vehicle-licence

OPTION 2 – Renew & Pay Online

1 – e-Services – Cape Town
You can now renew your license via this online portal at no extra cost. Simply
register online and request service activation of Vehicle Licencing. Once the activation is
complete, you will see the section where you can apply for license renewals. You will need
to submit your details to apply for the license renewal. If your request for renewal has been
approved, you will get an email with the amount that you need to pay. After payment has
been made, your license will be sent to you within a month.
Register via this portal:
There is no additional fee to use this service.
*The above step by step is for Cape Town.

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2 – ChatBack
ChatBack assists you with renewing your Vehicle License all via WhatsApp. The first step is
starting a chat with ChatBack on WhatsApp by adding them as a contact and sending them a
WhatsApp to get started. First, you submit your vehicle registration number, then you get a
quote and make payment via PayFast or Snapscan. After that, you need to specify your
address, attach a copy of your ID as well as a copy of proof of residence.
You will be charged a service fee of R250 for the renewal of each vehicle. This service is
available in Gauteng and Western Cape and KZN.
For more information about ChatBack and how the service works:

3 – Renewonline
Renewonline allows you to renew your vehicle license online in 3 simple steps. First, you
need to register, then you can add your vehicle/s, and finally, you can select ‘renewals’ to
renew your vehicle license. Once the request for renewal has been approved, the renewed
licence disc will be delivered in 48 hours. This service is available in Gauteng and Limpopo.
Check out Renewonline for more information:

4 – FNB Nav
Renew your Vehicle License via your FNB app. All you need to do is register your vehicle,
accept the terms and conditions and lastly pay online. Your new vehicle licence will be
delivered straight to your door within 2 weeks. The handling and delivery fee for this service
costs R199.

In the past, the only way to renew your vehicle license was to physically go to the Post Office
or Licensing Department and stand in those long lines. Fortunately, there are now multiple
online options to choose from for an effortless License Renewal experience.