car add on's

Find out what all the little extras are that may come in handy in case of car trouble.


A trending piece of tech.

This cool piece of tech made popular by countries like America, can be very useful in recording corrupt cops, fighting crime or just giving you playback of something you saw on the road. Business Tech  tell us why more South Africans are opting for this gadget. A cam should generally not set you back more than R1500.


A safer option than being stuck on the side of the road.

It’s not ideal to be stuck on the side of the road in South Africa due to a dead battery. Portable jump starters can come in handy.Takealot stocks a variety depending on the charge your battery needs.


Give your windows strength.

Getting smash & grab for your windows helps to keep a broken window in place giving you time to get away in case your window gets knocked.


Arrive Alive explains Run Flat Tyres having technology that prevents it from deflating in case of a puncture.

This gives you the added security of being able to drive for KM’s to your car guy to get it fixed, instead of being stranded in an unsafe area. Run flat tyres could also decrease your insurance premiums.

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